That's Why I'll Go All Out
Chapter 190
Chapter 190, Volume 22
Title That's Why I'll Go All Out
Japanese だから全力でやる
Romanized Dakara Zenryoku de Yaru
Release date November 12, 2012
Anime episode Episode 59
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That's Why I'll Go All Out is the one hundred and ninetieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kise thinks to himself that he had a vague idea, but after playing Kagami, he realized the truth—Kagami was equal to the Generation of Miracles, but he took a completely different path. Therefore, a determined Kise concludes that he definitely doesn’t want to lose to him. After losing, however, Kasamatsu tells Kise they are changing gears—Kise will handle the offense now. Kise agrees, thinking that there is no way he will lose.

In the next play, Kise faces Kagami again. Hayakawa screens Kagami, so Kise can get past him. Kasamatsu passes to Kise, and he jumps to shoot. Nevertheless, Kagami manages to slap the ball away. Kise realizes that he is slower than normal and curses desperately. In the stands, Murasakibara also notes Kise’s slow speed. Kagami then easily scores in the next play. Frustrated, Kise thinks that he can still fight—it would not be cool to leave the game like this.

Suddenly, Kaijo’s member change is announced. Coach Takeuchi subs out a stunned Kise. Although he protests in vain, Kasamatsu tells him to follow the coach’s orders. He knows Haizaki hurt Kise’s injured leg. Furthermore, he overworked himself, and he can’t uses that as an excuse for his own loss—everything, on and off the court, is part of the game. After he hears his words, Kise sullenly sits down. Moriyama tells Kasamatsu he was a little too harsh. Kasamatsu replies that it is not as though Kise will never play again. He is sure that Kise will be back. Until then, he is counting on the rest of them.

Similarly, although Seirin is shocked, they realize that this is their chance to pull ahead. Kagami tells Kuroko that he does sympathize with Kise—therefore, he will give it everything he has got.

When the game resumes, Hyuuga notes that Nakamura, one of the best at defense, along with Hayakawa is guarding Kagami. Since Kagami is unable to break free, Hyuuga calls out for the ball. Kagami passes to him, and Hyuuga speedily passes to Kuroko. Kuroko gets the ball and scores against Kobori with his Phantom Shot. Afterwards, Kaijo analyzes that they are double-teaming Kagami, but Kuroko still manages to score. Kasamatsu calculates that if they are too close to Kuroko, they could become prey for his Misdirection. Suddenly, an unexpected realization alerts Kasamatsu—he orders Kaijo to keep the formation as it is, and he will handle Kuroko.

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