There's No Way We Wouldn't Be Fired Up
Chapter 100
Chapter 100, Volume 12
Title There's No Way We Wouldn't Be Fired Up
Japanese 燃えないわけがねーぜ
Romanized Moenai Wake ga Neeze!!
Release date December 20, 2010
Anime episode Episode 34
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I'll Be Back Soon
I'll Definitely Beat You

There's No Way We Wouldn't Be Fired Up is the one hundredth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The Winter Cup Preliminaries Finals League has arrived. The Seirin team begins their warm up. Meanwhile, Tōō Academy's team arrives to watch the match and drags Aomine with them. The latter then complains about the magazine that Imayoshi used as bait to capture him; Imayoshi replies that Aomine is too easy to fool. While they are waiting for the match to begin, Aomine notices that the Seirin Team is awfully hostile today.

Hyuuga misses his shot and the ball stumbles on Hanamiya's foot. The latter gives the ball back to Kiyoshi. When Hanamiya tells Kiyoshi that he looks healthy today, Hyuuga angrily tells him they haven't forgotten what he did last year. However, Hanamiya denies it and lies to Hyuuga by telling him that Kiyoshi injured himself. Kagami and Kuroko then intervene declaring that they won't lose no matter what dirty tricks Hanamiya will put on them.

Kiyoshi is bandaging his leg, but Furihata, Kawahara,and Fukuda offer to do it for him. Instead, they only end up taping it too much, forcing Riko to finish the taping for Kiyoshi. The match starts with Seirin taking the ball on the tip off and beginning with their run-and gun along with Kuroko's new move- the Vanishing Drive.

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