There's Only One Answer
Chapter 86
Chapter 86, Volume 10
Title There's Only One Answer
Japanese 答えは一つに決まっている
Romanized Kotae wa Hitotsu ni Kimatteiru
Anime episode Episode 29
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There's Only One Answer is the eighty-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


On the court, Midorima and Kagami acknowledge each other. Takao speaks to Kuroko; he apologizes, telling Kuroko that Midorima won’t be able to deal with Kuroko today since he’s completely accepted Kagami as a rival. Everyone feels the same way about Seirin. Kuroko replies that he’s glad to hear that; therefore, Seirin cannot lose.

On the bench, Riko comments that she studied their previous game’s video and discovered that Midorima’s super long jumps take more time than usual to complete. Therefore, they will be easy enough for Kagami to block since today he is at full power.

Within the first few minutes of the game, there is one rapid play after the other. Nevertheless, Midorima gets the ball and prepares to shoot. However, Kagami easily jumps and blocks it. Coach Nakatani and Kise both notice that he’s jumping higher than before. After the play, Kagami tells Midorima that it won’t be so easy for him to shoot while he’s around. Midorima jogs away without saying a word. Expecting a retort, a surprised Kagami is left speechless.

Flashback: When Midorima is practicing, he speaks to Takao. He tells him that now that Kagami’s full potential has awakened his jumping ability is the worst match-up for his shots. Takao replies that he is not used to seeing Midorima so weak; plus, it’s making him uncomfortable. Midorima retorts that there is no such weakness—furthermore, there is only one answer.

Presently, Midorima shoots again, but is once again blocked by Kagami. Kagami thinks that it’s surprising that Midorima hasn’t learned a new technique or changed his strategy. Midorima voices Kagami’s thoughts and adds that the only thing he’s been doing for this game is endurance training. His shots are not so cheap—it’s true that he cannot shoot endlessly; conversely, the same is also true for Kagami’s jumps. Kagami realizes that this is a contest of stamina—whoever lasts longer will be the victor.

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