Tip Off!!
Chapter 145
Chapter 145, Volume 17
Title Tip Off!!
Japanese 試合開始!!
Romanized Tippu Ofu!!
Release date December 5, 2011
Anime episode Episode 45
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Tip Off!! (chapter) is the one hundred and forty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Kuroko is practicing to shoot with Aomine, and he lands the ball on the hoop. Aomine rates this as suitable enough for the upcoming match; suddenly, Momoi shows up and hugs Kuroko, annoying Aomine again.

Momoi notices that Aomine managed to teach Kuroko in a short time. He tells her that he simply taught him to take away the side effects of his misdirection in order for Kuroko to shoot while using his misdirection. He silently thinks that something is bothering him about Akashi, who taught Kuroko his current style and whether or not Akashi noticed his side effects, or it was something else. Then his musing is interrupted by Kuroko, who thanks Aomine for teaching him how to shoot. However, Aomine retorts that he only did that because Murasakibara was too strong even for him, and he tells Kuroko that he's the one who should be thanking him instead. Before Aomine leaves, he tells Kuroko that the next time they meet, they will be as enemies .

The match between Seirin and Yosen has arrived. Hyuuga is shocked that most of Yosen players are two meters tall giving an intimidation of an immobile gigantic tree. Murasakibara tells Kiyoshi that he didn't forget him this that time and says that he'll crush him down which Kiyoshi tells him to try if he can. Kagami tells Tatsuya Himuro that he wanted to remain as brothers even if one of them lost, and today, he won't hesitate to beat him which Himuro tells him that he won't hold back as well. Kuroko remembers Aomine's words before the tip off begins.

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