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Sup, mates?

—Pscj, being Pscj.

About me

Hi, I'm Pscj! I'm 19 this year and I'm a big fan of this series since 2010!!


. I am also an admin in the Kuroko no Basuke wiki and Shokugeki no SOMA wiki!

I first started the series out of curiosity when I bought a Shōnen Jump magazine one day. The story was still at the first match of Seirin vs Tōō back then and it was cool. Somehow I prefer this series than Slam Dunk and Dear Boys in sense of humor, skill, characteristics (no offense to those series, it's great, so don't get me wrong ><).

My Basketball

I also play basketball in real life. I am 173 cm tall and weigh about 67 kg. I can play center despite being of an average height and I can also play as a shooting guard, which is my favorite position. (Midorima, awww~ yeah XD). Currently, my favorite player is probably Chris Paul. He plays for the L.A Clippers in the NBA. Why do I like him? Well, probably because he has a perfection on being a Point Guard...His ankle breaking is insane, its almost though as if he could tell what the opponents who do next.... (I know what you're all thinking here ;) ....Akashi-kun, isn't it? XD lol) Well, another thing is, despite being only 183 cm, he can also dunk! 0.0 (That's insane because in my school, not even people with 190 cm could dunk~ )

My Bros, The KnB Army

Bereisgreat.png Pscj supports Captain KnB.
Teppei user.png Pscj supports Teppei.
Gold Star.png Pscj supports Gold Star.
Kuroko Mayuzumi.png Pscj supports Mayuzumicchi.
Gamerenz.png Pscj supports Renz.

Favourites in KnB


My favorite character in the series is Shun Izuki, the god of creating puns and the control tower of Seirin High! His Eagle Spear and Eagle Eye is wicked to the MAX!! >:D It's kind of a shame his shooting isn't as good as Hyuga's.

My favorite GoM is Midorima. He's the most likeable of all the GoM. Doens't treat others like trash like the rest and has a soft side in him too. Also more matured than the rest. It sometimes cracks me up to see Takao and the rest of Shutoku fooling around with him.

Other favourite characters include: Riko, Miyaji, Kagami and Akashi...:D


I'd go for Seirin vs Kirisaki Daichi! That match was very emotional (Emotional enough to make Kuroko outburst! 0.0) Reading it again, that match definitely made me like Kiyoshi, protecting his friends from getting screwed up by those $%@&s...phew. What class. Also, The match pretty much chains up with Seirin's past and for me, makes THE best part in the whole series! :)


Midori-chan's shots from downtown =3
Also, Kise's Perfect Copy... The intensity of copying everyone's abilities and abusing them for a limited amount of time, pure ownage. Period.



Well, besides basketball, I'm also a massive football fan (soccer in some countries) and I support Manchester United, the greatest team in all England!! :D

I started watching football at the age of 15 because of my friend's influence. My biggest idol in the club is probably Wayne Rooney. Well, I wouldn't want to elaborate that much on this topic becuz this is a basketball manga wikia, so I'll cut it short. Anyone who is interested in football can message me at my message wall.


I also know how to draw manga during my free time. I started drawing since 4 and started to adapt to the Japanese manga style when I was around 12 to 13. (I have ma own series!! ;D)

My favorite manga is probably Naruto........Well, why? Because.....I don't know actually!! 0.0 Probably becuz I've been reading it since 11? Other mangas include, Shokugeki no Soma, Kuroko no Basuke (duh), GANTZ, Shaman King, Bakuman, Reborn, GE~Good Ending, To Love-Ru, and many many more....(the list piles up.....)


I used to watch tons of anime when I was a kid, around the age 10-12. Currently, Kuroko no Basuke IS my number one anime! :)


I remember receiving my PSP when I was 12 and it's my most used console ever since! 0.0 Well, my favorite games for the PSP are Dissidia Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, Final Fantasy Type-0, Persona 3 Portable, the FIFA and PES series, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and many many many more.....

You can probaby tell that I'm a massive Square Enix fan and I love the Final Fantasy series very much. Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII is my pick. Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV would do also. :)

I'm also a big FIFA fan and play on Professional difficulty.


As mentioned above, Cloud Strife was my fav, I've actually cosplayed as him a couple of times too :3 (6 times to be precise) Although I seldom cosplay, I love it to the MAX XD!!! The awesomeness of standing out in an AWESOME WAY!!!  COSPLAY FTW! :D


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