We’re Gonna Do Our Best!
Chapter 255
Chapter 255, Volume 29
Title We’re Gonna Do Our Best!
Japanese これでも必死だよ
Romanized Kore Demo Hisshida yo
Release date March 26, 2014
Anime episode Episode 71
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I Can’t Match Him
I’m Doing All That I Can Like This

We’re Gonna Do Our Best! is the two hundreth and fifty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga. 


The score is 64 to 80 in favor of Rakuzan. Mibuchi is about to speak to Hayama when he notices his raging aura. Hayama blames and chastises himself for what happened. When Rakuzan is getting ready for the next play, he apologizes to Akashi—he wants to crush Izuki right now, but he’ll hold off on the one-on-one. Furthermore, Izuki is a top-class player, so he’ll be more careful from now on. Akashi accepts his apology and jogs ahead. Mibuchi tells Hayama that he had a narrow escape right now—if he hadn’t apologized, he has no idea what would have happened to him. Hayama suddenly realizes how much danger he was in, comically exclaiming he had forgotten who he was dealing with.

In the next play, Akashi faces Kagami who has created a wide area defense zone. Aomine, however, states he is an idiot. On the court, Akashi also tells Kagami his defense is too weak. After he scores a three pointer, he adds that the defense lacks the vigilance necessary to defend against three pointers. Moreover, Kagami must not weaken for a second if he wants to defeat him. Finally, he notes that Kagami will eventually run out of strength, so there is nothing to worry about. Frustrated, Kagami thinks that he has to focus more—he knows he can dive deeper into the Zone.

Kiyoshi gets back two points for Seirin, but he and Izuki both think they need a shooter (Hyuuga). Plus, Rakuzan has a terrifying shooter. Koganei faces Mibuchi in the next play. Mibuchi asks him why he’s looking so satisfied. Koganei responds that their Izuki is really amazing; therefore, he also wants to do his best. Mibuchi thinks that Koganei is similar to Rakuzan’s Kotarou-an airhead. Furthermore, Koganei’s animal instinct is the weakest compared to anyone he has ever faced: Taiga is tiger; Aomine is a black panther; Hayama is a cheetah; but Koganei is a house cat. Nevertheless, on the bench, Riko states that Koganei’s reflexes are the real deal.

When Mibuchi is about to shoot his “Earth” shot, Koganei steps back. Shocked, Mibuchi switches to “Heaven”, but then Koganei lunges forward to counter it. Mibuchi is stunned, and his shot is a little off once he shoots. Nonetheless, Nebuya dunks it in. Mibuchi chuckles and comments that they can’t let their guard down for a second against the “Seirin boys”.

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