We Can't Let Our Guard Down For A Second
Chapter 196
Chapter 196, Volume 22
Title We Can't Let Our Guard Down For A Second
Japanese 一瞬も気は抜けなそーだ
Romanized Isshun mo Ki wa Nukena sō da
Release date December 24, 2012
Anime episode Episode 60
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We Can't Let Our Guard Down For A Second is the one hundred and ninety-sixth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


The score is 77-66 in favor of Seirin. Kaijo’s players are relieved that Kise is reentering the game. Kuroko also comes onto the court at the same time. In the stands, Akashi comments that Kaijo is barely hanging on. Mibuchi replies that Kise’s reentry saved the team from a psychological breakdown. On the court, Kagami tells Kise he’s been waiting for him. Completely focused, Kise walks by him without saying a word. Seeing Kise’s behavior, Kuroko addresses Kagami. Kagami states he knows—they can’t relax until the game is over.

When the game begins, Kise gets the ball. He thinks that as the ace, it’s his job to lead the team to victory. Therefore, he uses Perfect Copy immediately with Akashi’s Emperor Eye and Aomine’s drive and gets past Kagami. Although Seirin is shocked after he scores, Kagami thinks to himself that he knew Kise would do this. Consequently, he won’t back down either.

In the next play, Kuroko uses Ignite Pass Kai to get the ball to Kagami. The second Kagami is going to do a lane-up, Kise uses Aomine’s agility and Murasakibara’s block to stop him. Moreover, the second Kise gets the ball, he blasts it across the court using Kuroko’s Ignite Pass Kai. After Kaijo scores, Kise declares that Kaijo will win this game.

On the bench, Seirin discusses the situation. Riko realizes that Kise is planning to make his Perfect Copy last until the end of the game. She concludes that they can’t win unless they find a way to stop his Perfect Copy.

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  • This chapter was fully colored.