We Got Over It
Chapter 21
Chapter 21, Volume 3
Title We Got Over It
Japanese 乗り越えたし
Romanized Norikoetashi
Release date May 11, 2009
Anime episode Episode 9
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It Will Be Alright
Don't Worry

We Got Over It is the twenty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Midorima takes a few shots during Shutoku’s semifinal game. Since the school is not so strong, he asks his captain to sub him out once he has a “feel” for playing. He and Takao both are seated on the Shutoku bench. Meanwhile, Seirin is amazed by Seiho’s passing style. Kagami earns his third foul, annoying Kise and putting Seirin on edge. Kasamatsu comments that while Seiho may not be as flashy as Seirin, they are equally good as a team-a team of experts. Kise replies that Seirin has their own expert-Kuroko.

Tsugawa suddenly bumps into Kuroko, asking where he came from. Kagami sees that Tsugawa doesn’t remember Kuroko even though he played in Middle School. Kuroko introduces himself and says that he’s been here all the time. Tsugawa boasts that last year his team was 20 points ahead of Seirin at this time; this year he wants to make it 30. He tells Kuroko that he hopes Kuroko won’t be disappointed. As he jogs away, Kuroko replies that he’ll try not to be. In the next play, Kuroko passes back from behind the defense, shocking Seiho. Kagami stops Kasuga from scoring by blocking his shot. Kuroko also stops Tsugawa, making him lose control of the ball. Kagami catches the ball and passes it to Hyuuga who scores. The score is now tied 19-19.

Iwamura holds Tsugawa up while he talks to Hyuuga, apologizing for Tsugawa’s rude behavior earlier. Hyuuga says there’s no need. What he said did hurt and bring back bad memories, but now, the second years are all over it.

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