We Win Now!!
Chapter 128
Chapter 128, Volume 15
Title We Win Now!!
Japanese 今勝つんだ!!
Romanized Ima Katsunnda!!
Anime episode Episode 41
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They're Out Of Options
It's Better Than Losing Here

We Win Now!! is the one hundredth and twenty-eighth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


In the next play, Imayoshi faces Izuki who has the ball. He tells him Seirin has run out of options—they did well for such a young team, but they should try again next year. Hearing these words, Kuroko recalls the conversation he overheard outside Seirin’s basketball gym between Hyuuga and Kiyoshi.

Flashback: Kiyoshi tells Hyuuga that this is the only year he will be able to play basketball with him and everyone at Seirin. He decided to postpone his surgery just so he could do that; consequently, he wants to play basketball without any regrets. Hyuuga, therefore, declares that according to their promise, they will be No. 1 in Japan this year.

Presently, Kuroko announces that they can’t wait that long—they will win now. Tōō Academy sees that no one in Seirin has given up—rather, they are more determined than ever. Imayoshi asks what they can do now since his misdirection has run out. Izuki responds that it didn’t “run out”; they made it run out. Confused, Imayoshi is further shocked to see Izuki “disappear” from his sight. Within seconds, Izuki easily scores. From Seirin’s bench, Riko proclaims that this is Kuroko’s true trump card-Misdirection Overflow.

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