Well, Let's Go
Chapter 45
Chapter 45, Volume 6
Title Well, Let's Go
Japanese やろーか
Romanized Yaroo ka
Release date October 19, 2009
Anime episode Episode 16
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Well, Let's Go is the forty-fifth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


During the timeout, both teams discuss game strategy. Imayoshi and Wakamatsu comment that everything is proceeding exactly like Momoi said. Riko tells Seirin that Kagami and Kuroko will start the attack now; she orders them to give it all they’ve got.

When the game restarts, Kuroko and Kagami work together. Imayoshi can’t believe that Seirin immediately decided to go for that play. Since they know what’s coming next (Kagami’s dunk), Tōō Academy can easily defend. However, because Kagami is such a powerful jumper, they are unable to stop him. After scoring, Kagami yells that he’ll show Tōō Academy his strength.

Still, Tōō Academy’s coach points out softly that Kagami shouldn’t misuse his body like that; he can injure himself permanently. Suddenly, Riko notices something and orders Koganei to substitute with Kagami. Irritated, Kagami sits down on the bench. Riko tells him she noticed that his legs haven’t completely healed yet. Kagami doesn’t respond; she then adds that she’ll tape them up so he can reenter the game.

While Kagami is out of the game, Seirin struggles against Tōō Academy. Midorima points out that the players are too tall, and Momoi has studied all the second years completely. The point gap will only get wider. Kagami silently prays that Seirin will hold on until he returns. When Riko finally sends him out, she apologizes. She doesn’t want to send an injured player, but she has no choice. Kagami answers that this isn’t like her; besides, she already does too much for the team. He asks her to say something cool and spirited—she tells him to go get them. The second he is about to step onto the court, Aomine arrives. Casually putting his arm around Kagami’s shoulder, he tells Kagami to show even more spirit so he can have a little bit of fun. Furious, Kagami knocks his arm away. Aomine smirks and says he’ll play although there is only a minute left before the first half ends.

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