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Yōhei Kawase (川瀬 陽平, Kawase Yōhei) is Josei High's former shooting guard and captain.


Kawase is of average height and build. He has long, spiky orange hair. He wears the Josei uniform with the number 4.


Winter Cup preliminaries

Kawase appears for the only time at the Winter Cup preliminaries, at the best of four determination match. Before Josei's match against Seirin, he gathered his team in a meeting room. They are discussing how Seirin is and Kawase explains that they got that far because of their big rookie, Kagami. He continues by saying that Seirin's inside is very weak, as they didn't have Kiyoshi then. He concludes that they'll counter Seirin with their own big center rookie, Narumi.[1]

Before the match, he notices Kiyoshi and recognizes him as an Uncrowned King, the Iron Heart. When Narumi was underestimating Kiyoshi in the match, he told him to not let his guard down.


According to KUROFES:

  • His specialty: Impersonation
  • Favorite food: Hamburger
  • Hobby: Darts
  • His motto: "Time is money"


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