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Yōsen High vs Seirin High is the quarter-final match of Seirin High in the Winter Cup. It is their second confrontation against a Generation of Miracles in the Winter Cup.



Before Seirin's fourth game, Riko is seen talking on her phone. She tells the rest of the team that the favorites, Kaijō, Shūtoku, and Rakuzan, also won their third matches, and that Seirin's next opponent is Yōsen High. The team heads to Kagami's house, where they will watch films of Yōsen's games. They are astounded by what they see. Yōsen completely dominates their opponents, with their impenetrable defense. The team opposing Yōsen couldn't even score once, the score of that game totaling up to 0 – 81.[1]

"Next time we meet, it'll be as enemies"

Later that night, Kuroko is shown practicing with Aomine. Aomine (IKR) says that with 70% accuracy, Kuroko might even be able to do something in a match. Momoi bursts in to hug Kuroko, and Aomine promptly tells her to leave if she's just going to be annoying. Kuroko thanks Aomine, but Aomine says that the only reason he helped was because seeing Kuroko so weak was grating on his nerves. He adds that Murasakibara is strong, and even he has trouble beating him. After that, he bids Kuroko farewell, adding that the next time they meet, they'll be enemies, and then he and Satsuki leave. In the morning, the Seirin team enters the court after a spirited "Let's go!" from Hyūga. Yōsen enters as well, and Seirin notes that their presence is almost overwhelming, what with their amazingly tall players. Yōsen's Murasakibara says that he remembers Kiyoshi, and promises to crush him. Kagami and Himuro also speak to each other, Kagami saying that Seirin will win and Himuro telling him to play with all he's got. Kuroko meanwhile remembers what Aomine told him after they parted, and that is "Don't you dare lose, Tetsu".[2]

1st Quarter

Murasakibara blocks Kagami's open shot

Murasakibara easily outjumps Kiyoshi during the tip off and gives Yōsen possession; however this is overruled by the referee as he jumped before the ball had reached its maximum height. Possession is then awarded to Seirin, who begin a series of quick passes on Yōsen's perimeter. When the match starts, it appears that Yōsen has control of the ball first. Fukui shoots, Izuki failing to block his shot, but it misses bouncing off the rim. Hyūga then attempts a jump shot, but Murasakibara shows off his fast reflexes by blocking Hyūga's shot. Seirin get the offensive rebound and use Kuroko to change the trajectory of the passes, freeing Kagami for the open jump shot inside the three point arc. However, Murasakibara blocks him and Masako notes that he is not only big and fast, but he also has a huge wingspan. She says that the entire area inside of the three point arc is "his domain".[3]

Fukui shoots, Izuki failing to block his shot, but it misses bouncing off the rim. Seirin goes for the rebound, but Yōsen's height gives them an advantage, and one of their players makes a basket. Yōsen scores the first basket then Kuroko quickly makes a Cyclone Pass to Izuki who runs up the court and Murasakibara blocked his way.

Kiyoshi's "Vice Claw"

But Murasakibara who is not participating in the offense was there so he chose to regroup. Soon, Izuki is being triple-teamed, but he passes the ball off to Hyūga, who goes for a three-pointer. Okamura tries to block the ball with Hyūga wondering if Okamura touches it. The ball bounce off the rim. Murasakibara then rebounds the ball after a missed shot by Hyūga over Kiyoshi and Kagami and passes the ball ahead. With 15 seconds left in the quarter, Himuro rushes a shot then Kagami tries to stop but missed. Kiyoshi saves the last rebound for Seirin using his Vice Claw.[4]

2nd Quarter

The score is 18 – 0 for Yōsen. Riko explains Yōsen's formations during the break, and Kuroko interrupts to propose an idea, idea is not revealed at this time. Aomine and Momoi arriving at the game and seeing the score, both of them are surprised that Seirin has no score yet. In the second quarter, the game started with Seirin holding the ball. Yōsen shows their very strong defense against Seirin. Izuki is double-teamed and he passes the ball to Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi attempts to lose Murasakibara with a spin move but Murasakibara is still there to block. Instead he passes the ball underhand to Kagami for an alley-oop, Okamura then stops Kagami from dunking but Kagami's jump overpowered him. However, Murasakibara still managed to block Kagami because he didn’t need to jump for the first thus enabling him to block Kagami.

Kuroko's Phantom Shot

Kagami said to Murasakibara not to end it in his own way then he passes the ball to Kuroko, who is waiting on the ground behind them. It is revealed here that Kuroko's idea was for himself to make a shot. Both Murasakibara and Himuro are surprised by this, both of them thinking that Kuroko is incapable of shooting. Everyone on both teams is shocked by Kuroko's unorthodox shooting posture as he readies himself. Murasakibara jumps in front of Kuroko as he starts to shoot, but to no avail; Kuroko uses his right hand to push the ball up and creates an effect similar to the Vanishing Drive, except that this time, the ball disappears, this is called the Phantom Shot. Because of Kuroko's Phantom Shot, Seirin gained their first point of 18 – 2.[5]

Kagami vs Okamura

Yōsen was amazed that Kuroko's managed to shoot. Also the crowd was amazed to Kuroko's shot. Murasakibara expresses his disbelief that Kuroko would be the one to make the first points against Yōsen; there is a flashback to when Aomine was teaching Kuroko. He helps Kuroko by telling him to hit the ball with the palm of his hand when shooting instead of flicking his wrist. After this, Yōsen begins to counterattack. Every player on the team has a mark on. In Yōsen’s offense, Kagami is having difficulty defending Okamura under the basket due to their height and weight difference. Okamura passed the ball, and he dodges around Kagami, shooting the ball and making it. Okamura provokes him that ‘he forgot he was there since he’s so light.

Vanishing Drive on Fukui

Kuroko gets the ball and as he makes his way down the court, he dodges around Fukui with his Vanishing Drive. As he takes up position to attempt a Phantom Shot, Liu and Murasakibara jump in front of him. Kuroko passes the ball to Hyūga quickly, and Hyūga shoots a three-pointer, bringing Seirin's score up to 5. Okamura marks Kagami again. Okamura shoots the ball and Kagami is having hard time dealing with him due to Okamura's size and power. Kiyoshi reminds Kagami of some points they came up with during the break then tells him to lower his waist but replies that he’s doing that. He asks Kiyoshi if there is something else and Kiyoshi only replies that ‘he’s tall so be careful’ and as long as he remembers those two things, he won’t lose with his strength. Soon after, Izuki makes a shot, adding three points to Seirin's score. The total score is now 22 – 8, with Seirin narrowing the gap slowly. Having realized what he has forgotten, Kagami lowers his waist more surprising Okamura. Unable to move him, Okamura turns around but Kagami blocks him this time.[6]

Kuroko uses the Phantom Shot again

Sometime when Yosen misses a shot, Kiyoshi outrebounds Wei Liu with his Vise Claw then Seirin makes a counter and runs down the court, but the goal is being guarded by Murasakibara. Hyūga readies himself for a shot, but Murasakibara jumps up, so he passes it through Murasakibara's legs to Kuroko. Kuroko shoots his Phantom Shot quickly, by passing Murasakibara's defense. The quarter ends with a score of 29 – 17 with Yōsen still winning, but not by as much.

"Leave it to us!"

During the ten-minute break, Araki tells the Yōsen team about how Kuroko will be benched for a while in the third quarter, since Overflow won't work on Yōsen. Riko is telling the Seirin team the same thing, and says that this is because Overflow only works on outside shooters, while Yōsen has mostly inside players. Riko continues by saying that offense has to attack without Kuroko. She finishes up, saying that Kagami must beat Himuro, and that Kiyoshi has to beat Murasakibara. At the end of the break, Kuroko fist-bumps both Kagami and Kiyoshi, and the two go off, saying, "Leave it to us!."[7]

3rd Quarter

Kagami vs Himuro

The third quarter begins with the ball for Yōsen. Himuro receives the ball and is guarded by Kagami then he apologizes for the wait and says to take it seriously now. Himuro replies that he’s relieved but he’ll be the winner.[8]

Himuro fakes and Kagami fell for it as well as Aomine caught by Himuro's fakes. Kagami made in time to stop Himuro's shot with Hyūga was there to help. However, Himuro shoots with a jump-stop and scores leaving Kagami and Hyūga stunned and the crowd. Hyūga makes a three-pointer, leaving a suspense that it will miss but it went in.m Murasakibara says that they will win but Kiyoshi says that it's unknown until it happens. In Yōsen’s next offense, it’s Himuro against Kagami again. In Murasakibara's flashback, Himuro tells him that he wants to quit being brothers with Kagami. Then, Himuro asks Kagami he still sees him as a big brother and pulls up for a Mirage Shot from three point. Kagami jumps to block but surprisingly the ball went through the block and falls into the hoop. The score is 33 – 20. Himuro tells him that they’re enemies and to come at him seriously.[9]

Kiyoshi's determination to win

Kagami is then subbed out for Tsuchida. Kiyoshi comments that the bad thing about Kagami is that he can’t keep his feelings and game separate and that he’s too caring. Hyūga comments that they can't worry about Kagami the whole match and they can't score against Yōsen without Kuroko. The match resumes with the focus of the match shifts to a battle between Kiyoshi and Murasakibara who continues to scorn him. He replied that pushing himself to be number 1 in Japan is way too fun then asks Murasakibara if he doesn’t find basketball fun, irking him. Then, he receives the ball for a spin and double-clutches but Murasakibara blocks him and continues to assert that they can’t win and Seirin will lose.

Izuki gets the ball back and passes it to Kiyoshi who suddenly shoots a three pointer and scores. While at the bench, Kagami asks Kuroko a favor. On the next possession, Kiyoshi, playing point guard, drives past Fukui and positions himself for a jump shot. In the stands, Aomine notes that Seirin will break Yosen's defense on this possession as Murasakibara takes time to land after a block attempt, thus allowing Seirin to pass the ball and make a play during that short interval. Murasakibara moves out to block him but Kiyoshi quickly passes to Izuki who drives toward to hoop. Murasakibara and Liu is there to block him, but Riko notes that Izuki's Eagle Eye has evolved enough to enable him to make a play. As predicted, Izuki throws an alley-oop to Kiyoshi, who he tells Murasakibara his determination to win and dunks the ball over Murasakibara and Liu.[10]

Kagami blocks Himuro's shot

Kiyoshi continues to play PG and Fukui won't let him pass that easily. Kiyoshi then passed the ball to Tsuchida and throws back to Kiyoshi drawing him out by faking a jump shot forcing Murasakibara to jump and draw him to make plays because Murasakibara takes time to land when jumping then passes to Izuki, Okamura and Liu are there to block him but he passed to Hyūga who is open for a successful three point attempt. The score is 37 – 28 with Yōsen still in favor. Yōsen calls a time-out and Kagami is then put back into the game and tells Himuro that he won’t mess around anymore. Kagami then guards him using Aomine’s natural posture in defending. Kuroko said that Kagami will be fine. While at the bench, Kagami asks Kuroko a favor to throw away the ring that he’s always wearing. Kuroko asks if it’s fine to throw away the memories with Himuro but Kagami replies that it’s fine because having it only represents guilt and it’s in the past with Himuro and the future is with them. Kuroko replies that he will no longer lose to anyone. Himuro fakes but Kagami doesn’t fall for it, but Himuro fakes a drive again and steps back and tries to shoot. However, Kagami got close enough and finally blocks him saying that he’s just getting started.[11]

Kiyoshi triple-teamed

Izuki then saves the ball and passes it to Kagami who then rushes to Murasakibara on the other end. Kagami tries to make a shot but Murasakibara blocks him. Even though he blocked Kagami, Murasakibara realized that Kagami was trying a new shot that went wrong. The ball goes back to Seirin with Kiyoshi playing PG but he is triple-teamed by Okamura, Liu and Fukui, leading to a turnover. Himuro leads the break but Kagami is there to defend him. Himuro pulls up for a shot. Kagami slips on his sweat and jumps late, thus grazing the ball and causing Himuro to miss the shot. Due to this, Kagami is able to understand the secret behind the Mirage Shot. He rebounds the ball and passes to Kiyoshi who is triple-teamed again. Kiyoshi then passes to Izuki who is forced to shoot a three pointer due the fact that Murasakibara will get to him very fast. Izuki missed the shot but Kiyoshi manages to outjump Murasakibara from behind for a putback slam. After that, Kiyoshi having reached his limit, suddenly falls down.[12]

Mitobe guards Murasakibara

Kiyoshi apologizes saying he's fine and slipped by accident, he refuses to be subbed out. Then Hyuga manages to intercept a pass and passes it to Kiyoshi who passes it to Izuki who confronts Murasakibara along with Mitobe and Kagami. Instead Izuki passes it back to Kiyoshi who broke free, thanks to Hyuga’s screen. Kiyoshi misses the shot but Mitobe gave all his strength to box Murasakibara out of position leading to a putback slam by Kagami. This move finally enrages Murasakibara who decides to participate in the offense and "wring out everthing" out of Seirin, participating in the Yōsen offense for the first time.[13]

Murasakibara's Thor's Hammer

Araki states that she never expected this to happen, and thanks Seirin for firing up Murasakibara, who she calls "the beast". On the bench, Kuroko mentions that Murasakibara once scored 100 points in a single game when he got serious. Murasakibara participating on offense saying he'll crush them. Fukui has the ball and Murasakibara posts up Kiyoshi but is helped by Hyuga and Mitobe. Hyūga stating that their main objective is to stop Murasakibara. However, he pushes the three of them easily then performs his Thor’s Hammer dunk throwing the three of them. But Seirin weren’t shaken as Kiyoshi quickly throws a pass to Izuki to counter. But Murasakibara is already behind him. Izuki passes the ball back to Kiyoshi who is challenged by Murasakibara. They stopped triple teaming Kiyoshi saying that Murasakibara can take him alone. Kiyoshi pulls up for a shot but Murasakibara blocks him and swats the ball away when Kiyoshi tried to turn it into a pass leading to a fastbreak. Murasakibara jumps for an alley-oop from Fukui and dunks on Kagami, also bringing the hoop down. Murasakibara states that basketball is not a sport for the little ones to play.[14]

Murasakibara breaks the hoop

Everyone was surprised that Murasakibara broke down the hoop with his monstrous strength. The time was stopped while the hoop is being replaced. The question for Seirin is how do they stop Murasakibara. Kiyoshi remembers his days in Shōei and how Murasakibara towered over him and destroyed his morale. After the replacement of the hoop, Murasakibara blocks Kiyoshi. The score is 41 – 32 still in favor of Yōsen. Kiyoshi never give up and rebounds but Murasakibara uses Vice Claw against him and unexpected he can also use Kiyoshi's skill. Murasakibara dribbles from end to end but Kagami and Kiyoshi are already there to defend. However, Murasakibara dunks on the two of them. The score is 43 – 32 still in favor of Yōsen. Kiyoshi unable to stand on his own. Murasakibara then "helps" Kiyoshi once again breaking his morale angering Kagami. Kiyoshi is hurriedly switched out with Kuroko, who vows to beat Murasakibara for Kiyoshi. Kuroko said that it's not over and they'll win.[15]

Kuroko marks Murasakibara

Kiyoshi reached his limit. Having remembered how he was treated by Murasakibara, he was subbed out for Kuroko who he count on to win. There's a flashback of Kuroko and Murasakibara when they were in Teikō where Kuroko and Murasakibara sharing their opinion about basketball. In Seirin’s offense, Kuroko get pas Liu with his Vanishing Drive where he confronts Murasakibara. Kuroko tries to go for a Phantom Shot but Murasakibara moves to block the path of the ball as he remembers what Himuro said to stop the shot. Instead, he alley-oops the ball to Kagami who dunks and scores. In Murasakibara's next offense, Kuroko marks Murasakibara.[16]

Kuroko steals the ball in the S.A.M. formation

Murasakibara states that Kuroko is so weak and light such that he can't tell he's even there or not. Fukui passes the ball to Murasakibara and then tries to go for a dunk but Kuroko is gone. Then, Kuroko forces Murasakibara to commit an offensive foul sending him sprawling to the floor, Kuroko says to Murasakibara that he can't win just by being tall. In Seirin's next offense, Izuki passes the ball to Hyūga and uses Barrier Jumper against Okamura and scores three points. After that, Seirin used their All Court Man to Man Defense to enable Kuroko intercept passes and score.[17]

Fukui dribbles past Izuki and Kuroko steals the ball and give it to Izuki and shoots. But Izuki’s last shot didn’t count as the buzzer sounds before he released the ball. The quarter ends with a score 47 – 43 still in favor of Yōsen.[18]

At the break, Murasakibara kicks the bench then Araki hits him with her shinai. Kagami requested that he’ll be the center and will cover all the two point areas just like Murasakibara. Riko tells him to just take care of Himuro outside but Kagami simply replies “Come who may come, I’ll stop them” for Kiyoshi. Though reluctant, Riko agrees. Kuroko said that basketball is not something you play alone, he wants to win by working together and everyone is ready to fight at the last quarter.[19]

4th Quarter

Kagami blocks Murasakibara's dunk

The last quarter begins with Kagami telling Himuro that he won’t hold back which Himuro replies that obviously, they finish this. It’s Yōsen’s ball and Kagami plays center. Fukui suddenly throws an alley-oop pass to Murasakibara dunking it on Kagami. Murasakibara tells him to stop hallucinating if he thinks he can stop him all by himself. Kagami replies that even if he can’t move Murasakibara, he will stop him anyway he can. In Yōsen’s next offense, Kagami goes up against Himuro who fakes past him but stops when he saw Kuroko. Kagami then goes up against Himuro again for a Mirage Shot. Having remembered his discovery with secret of the shot, Kagami plans to jump a little later to block it but Himuro releases it the first shot and scores. Himuro asserts that no one can stop the Mirage Shot.

The difference is starting to grow again and Kagami is thinking how he’ll enter the zone. When Murasakibara swats the ball away from him with a block, he is rebuked by Kise. Mesmerized, Kagami resolves to do what he can with his actual abilities. Seirin calls a time-out and Kagami is tasked to guard the painted area only. He admits that equalling with Murasakibara is impossible and apologizes. The match resumes and Kagami continues to endure inside with Yōsen scoring. But they notice that something is different in Kagami than before. With Murasakibara for the final dunk, Kagami blocks him who had finally the entered the zone.

Kagami blocks Murasakibara's Thor's Hammer

When Himuro fakes past the triple-team, he pulls up again for a Mirage Shot but Kagami jumps to block him in the first shot. However, it seems like Kagami is floating because he was still able to block the second one shocking Himuro who can’t help but think that he’s like a bird. On Seirin’s counter, Kagami calls for the ball from Kuroko and makes a three pointer. Murasakibara then calls for the ball and is about to dunk it with his Thor’s Hammer but is blocked again by Kagami bringing him down to his knees. Kagami apologizes to Murasakibara that ‘he was a little too strong’ angering Murasakibara. Kagami in the zone continues to dominate the game. He was also able to copy fakes like Himuro’s but better than a mere copy and passes Himuro to confront Murasakibara again. Suddenly, he jumped from the free throw line to perform the Air Walk of Michael Jordan. Yōsen calls a time-out. After the time-out, Seirin wonders if there was a fight but Kagami replies that it’s exactly the opposite.

Kagami scores

The game resumes with Himuro breaking free from the triple team with Okamura’s screen and fakes past Kuroko only to be confronted by Kagami again who jumps to block his shot. Himuro finally acknowledging his loss to their promised battle asserts that they will still win choosing to pass the ball instead of shooting. Murasakibara who is about to dunk saw Kagami coming and instead passed the ball back to Himuro who scores inside. Kagami this time requests to play PG and receives the ball but passes the ball back to Izuki when he is on the verge of being double-teamed. Izuki goes for a shot but he knew Murasakibara is there so he tossed the ball backwards for an alley-oop with Kagami. Both teams continue to dominate each others’ DF with Seirin trailing a little. Kiyoshi returns to the game.

Sometime when Himuro tries to go for a shot, Kagami jumps to block him but instead passes the ball to Murasakibara under the basket. He is about to dunk but saw Kagami coming again, passing the ball back to Himuro. The matchup shifts up between Kiyoshi and Himuro. Himuro says that only Kagami can stop him and pulls up for a Mirage Shot. But Kiyoshi faked jumping for the first and instead backed down for Hyuga to block the second one leading to a break. Kagami tries to fadeaway but misses but Kiyoshi gets the offensive rebound using Vise Claw then passes to Hyuga who made a three pointer bringing them with only one point deficit.

Kagami uses the Meteor Jam against Murasakibara

However, Murasakibara surprisingly entered the zone with only 20 seconds remaining. During the next play, Himuro receives the ball by Okamura then fakes past Hyuga. He passes the the ball to Murasakibara when Kagami jumps to block him. Murasakibara is about to dunk but Kagami is fast enough to jump and block the dunk attempt. However, Murasakibara is on the verge of overpowering him in the air but Kiyoshi came to help completely blocking the dunk leading to a break.

Kuroko stops the last shot

Aomine, Kise and Kagami were the ones who realized that Murasakibara had entered the zone. Kagami for the last time, goes for the Meteor Jam that Alex taught him outjumping Murasakibara and making the shot and giving them the lead. Still not giving up, Himuro throws a full court pass to Murasakibara who had already ran to the other side. Surprisingly, he wasn’t able to jump because Kiyoshi playing PG forced him to jump continuously and it’s what his knees can only handle. However, his height and distance from the basket is enough for him to make a shot without jumping, but Kuroko taps the ball out of Murasakibara's hand, thus securing Seirin’s victory.


After the game, Kuroko tells Kagami to reconcile with Himuro which he does but ended up seeing Haizaki choke Alex and beat Himuro. Alex manages to break free by kicking but didn’t hit him. They are interrupted by Kise who threw a basketball at Haizaki and reveals that he is the former fifth player before Kise joined. After that, Kagami fails to say it but says that he’ll tell Himuro later and tells Kise not to lose. Then, he went back to watch the game between Kaijō and Fukuda Sōgō and asks Kuroko about Haizaki.


  • In this match, Kuroko scores his first basket in the entire series.
  • This game sees all starters from Seirin High (except Kuroko) to shoot at least one 3-pointer. This is indeed very rare for Seirin considering the fact that Izuki, Kiyoshi and Kagami do not specialize or almost never shoot three pointers.


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