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Yūya Miyaji is a second year small forward at Shūtoku High and the new captain after Ōtsubo. He is the younger brother of Kiyoshi Miyaji.


Yūya has tall and slim athletic body with short but dark blond hair and eyes that resembles his older brother's.


He threw a ball to Takao's head, referring that he has this slightly violent nature like his brother Kiyoshi .



Takao and Midorima are training when Takao asks Midorima about their team's current condition. Ōtsubo, Miyaji and Kimura are all third years which means that Takao and Midorima are the only ones left from the regulars. Takao mentions the other teams as well and notes that all of them have at least three of their players remaining. Yūya then throws a basketball at Takao for looking down on him. He tells the two that his brother couldn't reach the final stage but that he will be sure to surpass it next year, as their new captain.[1]

The three then mention Kimura's brother who will also be joining them, noting that his physique and potential surpass that of his brother who approves of him. Yūya also adds the fact that they will get more freshman who will join, as well as the many second and first years they already have. Takao and Midorima both acknowledge this and apologise. Lastly, Yūya tells them that Ōtsubo also has a sibling as well, a little sister.[2] Takao and Midorima are surpassed as Ōtsubo and Miyaji discuss their futures elsewhere.


Silver dunks as the buzzer beater rings, signalling the end of the match. Jabberwock wins with the score of 86 - 6. The commentator is speechless when he announces the winners and is amazed at their strength but also their ruthless style of play. Kasamatsu approaches Gold for a handshake but instead he decides to answer a reporter's question on his thoughts on the match. Gold tells her that it almost made him puke and that everyone in Japan should just give up playing basketball and kill themselves, much to everyone's utter shock. Gold goes on to compare the Japanese people with monkeys and how compared to humans, they are not able to sumo wrestle as well. It is the same situation with basketball, where monkeys wouldn't be able to beat humans at their natural sport. He tells the audience and everyone watching that they should give up on playing basketball as he spits on Kasamatsu's extended hand. Everyone is left horrified and shocked at Gold's words including Takao with Miyaji.


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