Yeah... I Have Faith
Chapter 131
Chapter 131, Volume 15
Title Yeah... I Have Faith
Japanese 信じてるぜ
Romanized Shinjiteruze
Anime episode Episode 42
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The Final 4th Quarter!!!
I Can't Stop Aomine-kun

Yeah... I Have Faith is the one hundredth and thirty-first chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


Aomine easily scores against Kagami. Although Kagami is frustrated, Hyuuga tells him not mind—he is the only one who has been facing Aomine all this time; furthermore, they would never have lasted this long without him. Therefore, the only option is to score three points at a time.

In the next play, Hyuuga quickly shoots a three pointer. Sakurai can’t believe that Hyuuga is shooting effortlessly and fearlessly, proving how much faith he has in himself. Aloud, Hyuuga announces that he does have faith—faith in his teammates who will definitely score if he doesn’t; that is why he is not afraid to miss.

When the score is 68-75, Sakurai attempts to shoot as well. However, Imayoshi notices that his form is off. Running forward, Aomine mumbles that Sakurai got flustered over nothing and calls out to Sakurai to pass to him. When Aomine gets the ball to shoot, Kiyoshi attempts to block him, but ends up fouling Aomine at the same time. Seirin is horrified by Aomine’s three point play. As Aomine prepares to shoot the free throw, Imayoshi thinks confidently about Tōō Academy’s team; they may not rely on teamwork, but they all thirst for victory. They also have faith in one thing—Aomine’s absolute power is the strongest.

After he scores, Kuroko speaks to Kagami and Kiyoshi. The play continues, and the score is 78-86 favoring Tōō Academy. Everyone realizes that the point difference is not shrinking. Suddenly, Katsunori Harasawa, Momoi, and Kaijo’s members are shocked to see Kuroko, Kagami, and Kiyoshi triple team Aomine.

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