Your Basketball
Chapter 50
Chapter 50, Volume 6
Title Your Basketball
Japanese おまえのバスケ
Romanized Omae no Basuke
Release date November 16, 2009
Anime episode Episode 18
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Your Basketball is the fiftieth chapter of the Kuroko no Basuke manga.


When Kuroko steps onto the court, Kagami apologizes to him—he wasn’t able to defeat Aomine alone. Kuroko replies that they had already decided to defeat him together; they should start by taking back the ten points Seirin has lost. Everyone, including Riko, is silently depending on them.

Kuroko starts the game with his cross-court pass. Catching the ball, Kagami notices Aomine catching up to him. Nevertheless, Kagami had anticipated this, so he immediately passes back to Hyuuga. The first years instantly start praying that he’ll score, annoying Hyuuga as he shoots. After scoring, he turns toward them and tells them they should only celebrate whenever he shoots. Watching him, Sakurai thinks that Hyuuga is a dangerous player in his own right.

In the next play, Kuroko uses misdirection to intercept a pass to Imayoshi. He passes the ball to Izuki who then scores. Watching Kuroko, Aomine thinks that things are really different when Kuroko is on the court. Out loud, he tells Kuroko it’s disappointing—Kuroko hasn’t changed at all. Plus, his style isn’t enough to win. However, Kuroko replies that this is his basketball—he won’t give up.

In the next play, Aomine proves how correct he is by easily catching Kuroko’s Ignite Pass, shocking Kuroko. Grabbing the ball, he easily passes three of Seirin’s players. The second he is going to score, Kuroko and Kagami both jump to try and stop him. However, they are unable to and both of them fall to the floor. Looking at them, Aomine sadly states that it’s too bad, but Kuroko’s basketball can’t defeat him.

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